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CBA works at the intersection of Insights and Applied Creativity. We moderate and facilitate fresh thinking, communication, discovery and innovation. Our mission is to unlock possibilities that transform insight into opportunity.

Judy Bernstein, VP Creative Thinking & Innovation: An accomplished Insights professional with a passion for facilitation, deep experience in group invention, an M.S. in Creativity & Innovation, Graduate Certificate in Creativity & Change Leadership and certifications in Lego Serious Play, Creative Problem Solving, FourSight, Synectics and Design Thinking. She is the author of Growing the We: Collaboration and Character Education and adjunct faculty for JSOU (Joint Special Operations University) where she teaches creative problem solving to the military.        

Carol Bernstein, President: Her insights and keen sense for strategy first started earning the ear of senior leaders in such companies as Bayer, VISA and BD over 35 years ago. A master moderator and pioneer in the field of qualitative inquiry.