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The Incubating Brain

Guest Blog About Creativity for OurIdeaWorks

You could take the slow road, as I did. Matriculate through the Creative Problem Solving Institute. Complete a Master of Science degree in Creativity and Innovation. Gain certifications in Change Leadership and deliberate creativity methods such as LEGO Serious Play, CPS, FourSight, Design Thinking and others.  Or, you could listen closely to key lyrics by Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz from their 2009 hit  “On to the Next One.” Both routes will lead you to five enduring truths when it comes to creativity.

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Judy Bernstein
Creative Problem Solving: Innovation for the "Rest of Us"

I think of Creative Problem Solving (CPS) as a kind of Festivus to experience breakthrough thinking. Glory be to the Creativity gods for giving the likes of da Vinci, Disney, and Jobs enough genius and chutzpah to bring forth the great objects they effortlessly dreamed up. The rest of us, however, often need a deliberate process for innovative thinking.


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Carol Bernstein